[jdev] conversing with multiple users, but not MUC

Toby Schaffer jts at adc.idt.com
Wed Jun 18 17:18:06 CDT 2008

I'm trying to get Jabber going at my company for IM and chat, and so far 
it's working ok. But one major roadblock is the lack of the ability to 
have an n-way conversation (eg, I want to talk to two coworkers, and 
only those two, and have all three of us see all the replies) without 
using a chat room. It appears XEP-0033 (extended stanza addressing) 
describes a way to do this with email-style cc and bcc. However, I can't 
find any server - or even a client - which supports this. How do people 
hold n-way conversations now? I was told in one forum that everyone just 
uses MUC, but it seems very awkward to have to create or modify a room 
to have a conversation with a given set of multiple recipients. Am I 
missing something obvious? Thanks.

Toby Schaffer

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