[jdev] ANNOUNCE: Loudmouth 1.3.4

Mikael Hallendal micke at imendio.com
Mon Mar 3 17:59:34 CST 2008

What is Loudmouth?

Loudmouth is a small C library for writing Jabber clients written using
GLib. It's designed to be extensible while maintaining ease of use.

Loudmouth 1.3.4 is a release on the unstable 1.3 branch. It contains of
added features and bug fixes.

Fixed bugs:

* [LM-95]  - File descriptor leak in lm-connection.c
* [LM-113] - Loudmouth doesn't build with --disable-debug
* [LM-115] - ABI breakage from 1.2 => 1.3
* [LM-116] - lm_connection_set_jid() required when not using SRV
* [LM-117] - Reentrancy error on failed connect
* [LM-118] - Build fails on Mac OS X
* [LM-120] - Protect EAI_NODATA with #ifdef
* [LM-121] - Getting time outs when going through NAT on Linux

Thanks to Senko Rasic, Owen Taylor, Richard Hult, Martyn Russell and
Mikael Hallendal for the work done on this release.

You can download Loudmouth 1.3.4 here:

The git repository for the 1.3 branch is located on freedesktop.org:

You can browse it online here:

The Loudmouth project page: http://www.loudmouth-project.org/

The Loudmouth Team

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