[jdev] GSoC 2008

Peter Saint-Andre stpeter at stpeter.im
Thu Mar 6 12:34:36 CST 2008

Right now I'm completing the XSF's application for participation in the
Google Summer of Code for 2008. There is no guarantee that we will be
chosen to participate, however it seems likely given that we have done
so every year so far. :)

I see that Sander has already started a wiki page here:


Project teams should feel free to modify that page (it needs to be
edited so that it is better organized, e.g. into sections for servers,
clients, components, and libraries or whatever). I would also encourage
discussion in the mailing lists, chatrooms, and forums for each project
(e.g., I have seen discussion on the Gajim list).

You might want to refer to the XSF roadmap when thinking about possible
projects (I try to keep the roadmap up to date with what I think are
high priorities for the community, but don't feel that the roadmap
should restrict your thinking!):


Once again the XMPP Council and former mentors will help with project
selection. If you are interested in being a mentor for 2008, please
contact me via IM.



Peter Saint-Andre

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