[jdev] help request with xmpp component.

Peter Saint-Andre stpeter at stpeter.im
Sun Mar 16 20:45:42 CDT 2008

George Gozadinos wrote:

> XEP-0142 sounds right on the spot, but (at least to me) poses some
> problems. For a start it is deferred and not recommended to implement,

Deferred simply means that someone didn't update it, or didn't ask the
XMPP Council for a Last Call. It doesn't mean the spec is not recommended.

> and then would normal clients be able to connect to a service? I assume
> not.

Even if a XEP is Draft or Final, it won't necessarily be implemented in
any given client.

> I was more looking for something simpler, but maybe it is not possible.

Feel free to contact the authors of XEP-0142 about possible simplifications.

> Could you enlighten me about whether it is possible for a component to
> assume the role of many clients sharing the same xml stream? Can these
> clients send / receive presences have their own roster etc as normal
> clients do?

That may depend on what kind of component you develop (e.g., some server
codebases may give you access to that kind of information via internal
plugins/modules). Right now, XEP-0114 doesn't enable you to do that via
an external component, but we are slowly working on a new component
protocol that will be more flexible.


Peter Saint-Andre

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