[jdev] GSoC - IRC-to-MUC bridge

Remko Tronçon remko at el-tramo.be
Tue Mar 18 10:49:29 CDT 2008

> When (if) you accept this project idea, let me know (by mailing me directly or by replying to this thread).

AFAIK, we don't 'accept' project ideas, we just propose them. It's
left as a task of the potential student to work this idea out into a
project proposal, optionally by talking to the person who proposed
this idea (although this information seems to be missing from the GSoC
page for many projects :-( ). Then, we rate the project proposals.

If you haven't already, look at the post from Carlo v Loesch on this
mailinglist on the IRC-to-XMPP gateway.

>  P.S. "Serverless (Link-Local) IM component" is good too, but for me it
>  is not a prime-priority, as i have zero-knowledge about
>  zero-configuration ;) , except a few basic ideas behind it.

Having zero-knowledge makes it all the more interesting! Another
interesting aspect of this project is that you can make many users
happy, as this project doesn't target one client/server specifically,
but all clients. However, these are just my 2 cents :-)


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