[jdev] SoC idea: providing multiplexing support

LRN lrn1986 at gmail.com
Wed Mar 19 03:12:31 CDT 2008

Andrew Yates wrote:
>>   I think you can accomplish this already using RDP, VNC, or screen.
> I realize something like this is possible with VNC/NX/RDP/screen
> (which I do use for irc, email, and other applications), but I don't
> find those as convenient for Jabber. This may have something to do
> with my usage patterns, but it is also because I prefer a GUI for
> instant messaging and VNC/NX/RDP don't quite cut it for me.
> Of course, others may disagree as you did, which is why I am inquiring
> before jumping into anything. Thanks for your input :-)
I've been asking for the same feature a few years ago.
Thing is, if i use jabber client on some other PC than my desktop, logs 
are saved there, not on my desktop (where i need them to be).
Also, i may theoretically use jabber on my cell phone or similar device 
without RDP/VNC capabilities.
This may be fixed with server-side history though.

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