[jdev] SoC idea: providing multiplexing support

Andrew Yates andrew.yates at gmail.com
Wed Mar 19 08:39:18 CDT 2008

>  The original poster's idea sounds like a client with a 'sync' mode,
>  behaving like this:
>  - Every incoming message is forwarded to all other resources that are
>  in 'sync' mode. The messages use AMP, like in the remote controlling
>  xep.
>  - For every gui change, an iq is sent with a GUI command, e.g.
>       <iq type="set" to="me at example.com/otherresource">
>          <ui-action type="open-chat" target="contact at blo.com"/>
>       </iq>
>  - When a client goes into 'sync' mode, it requests the initial state
>  from one of the other resources

Yeah, that is what I had in mind. I believe the outgoing messages
would have to be somehow forwarded as well, or they would only show up
on the client where you typed them. I may be wrong, but I don't
believe there is currently a way to do that. I looked into it over
winter break and didn't see an easy way to do it with the current

Is this appropriate for SoC, or would it be too short? Obviously one
component would be adding support to clients. Any comments on that

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