[jdev] Jingle client for Java

Gaston Dombiak gaston at jivesoftware.com
Wed Mar 19 13:10:37 CDT 2008

Hey Tim,

In fact a community member did a major refactoring of the Jingle implementation 
updating it to a more recent spec and also adding support for audio and video 
at the same time. We merged his contribution and even have Spark using it. 
We just need some time to do more tests before checking it into SVN. Let 
me know if you can help us testing it and want to contribute too.


  -- Gato

> I'm looking into client side Java impls of Jingle, and I'm not finding
> much out there besides the smack extension.  I'm a bit nervous about
> using it b/c it seems like it has essentially been abandoned (no
> commits to the jingle extension in 10 months).
> Anyone know of other good Jingle Java libs, or interested in
> collaborating on one, maybe picking up where the smack extension left
> off?
> Anyone have experience with Jingle in Java?  I know Java Media
> Framework sucks, are there other technical issues implementing Jingle
> in Java?
> thx!
> -Tim Julien

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