[jdev] Google Summer of Code 2008

Brandon Alexander xmpp at praisehabit.com
Thu Mar 20 14:27:29 CDT 2008

I am a student interested in contributing to this project, but I have no
idea where to start.  There are so many great projects available.

I guess to start, the FlySpray bot and the Wordpress PubSub plug-ins jump
out the most to me.  Could someone provide me with more detail as to what
these projects involve so I can start to get an idea on the proposal?


Brandon Alexander

On 3/20/08, Peter Saint-Andre <stpeter at stpeter.im> wrote:
> For the fourth year in a row, the XSF has been chosen to participate in
> the Google Summer of Code:
> http://wiki.jabber.org/index.php/Summer_of_Code_2008
> The application period is March 24 through March 31 only. That is next
> week! If you are interested in one of the listed projects, please ping
> folks on this list or in the jdev chatroom. If you are interested in
> working on some other project, post your ideas here or make an entry on
> the wiki page.
> If you work on an active Jabber/XMPP codebase but you have not yet
> posted project ideas at the wiki, please do so as soon as possible. For
> example, I don't see any ideas for ejabberd, Gajim, gloox, jabberd14,
> jabberd2, Loudmouth, Openfire, SleekXMPP, Smack, Spark, Tigase, XMPP4R,
> etc. If you are interested in being a mentor or in helping to choose the
> GSoC projects, please ping me via IM.
> Peter
> --
> Peter Saint-Andre
> https://stpeter.im/
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