[jdev] Google Summer of Code 2008

Peter Saint-Andre stpeter at stpeter.im
Thu Mar 20 15:18:13 CDT 2008

Brandon Alexander wrote:
> I guess to start, the FlySpray bot and the Wordpress PubSub plug-ins jump
> out the most to me.  Could someone provide me with more detail as to what
> these projects involve so I can start to get an idea on the proposal?

I think the WordPress plugin would enable you to specify your JabberID
in the configuration and, if your JabberID is PEP-enabled, push out Atom
notifications to your JID. That way whenever you post an entry,
interested parties would receive immediate notification. This could be
generalized to use not only a PEP-enabled user JID but any pubsub
service, but I think that's a bit more complicated for bloggers to

Challenges: there are not very many PEP-enabled user JIDs yet. But that
may change soon (we plan to deploy ejabberd 2.0 at jabber.org in the
near future, so that anyone with a jabber.org JID could use this).

This would be a good proof of concept for Atom-over-XMPP. I know I'd use
it at my blog. :)

More advanced features:

1. Separate entry feeds and comment feeds.

2. Ability to post entries or comments via XMPP.

3. Login via JabberID (but this may be handled better via OpenID
providers that base your OpenID on your JabberID).

4. Trackbacks via XMPP (if someone else points to your post from a post
of theirs, you include it in the WP interface).

5. Subscribing to your own feeds for mood, tune, activity, location,
etc. and showing that information on your WP blog.

Ralph Meijer and other folks on the list may have additional ideas.


Peter Saint-Andre

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