[jdev] GSoC Proposal: XSD Schema Compiler

Pablo Polvorin ppolv at yahoo.com.ar
Sun Mar 23 12:14:41 CDT 2008

not sure what the input will be to such parser, 
different XMPP libraries will likely use different xml
parsing techniques/representations like
DOM,SAX,PULL-Parsing,DOM4J,to name a few of them.


--- Remko Tronçon <remko at el-tramo.be> escribió:

> Hi,
> I added another proposal to the GSoC page, entitled
> "XSD Schema Compiler".
> Here is a short description:
> "The most boring, time-consuming, and error-prone
> job of an XMPP
> client developer is writing code to parse XML
> stanzas, and turning
> them into datastructures to be used by the rest of
> the code. The code
> generated is often a lot of copy-paste work, and is
> sensitive to very
> subtle bugs. In this project, the student will solve
> this problem once
> and for all, by building a compiler that turns the
> XSD schemas that
> define the stanzas into a combination of simple
> datastructure classes,
> the parser that turns xml into these generated
> classes, and the code
> to turn these datastructures into xml back again.
> The XSD Compiler should be modular enough to allow
> plugging in
> backends for different target languages (C++/STL,
> C++/Qt, Python,
> ...). However, the student will initially focus on
> one backend, and
> may extend this to different backends if time allows
> it.
> A project like this has a reach far out of the XMPP
> community, to any
> project that uses XML documents standardized by an
> XSD. However, the
> project will (initally) focus only on the XSD
> defined by the XSF, and
> making sure that (almost) all XSD's can be compiled
> into code."
> Does anyone have any experience/thoughts on this?
> cheers,
> Remko

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