[jdev] Wordpress plugin

Jehan jehan at zemarmot.net
Mon Mar 24 11:19:24 CDT 2008


I just write to this mailing list after having spoken with the Gajim 
devs. They told me that the development of a plugin for wordpress has 
been proposed for the GSOC this year. And as I have finished today to 
develop one, they adviced me to tell this here. So I subscribed to this 
ml tell it.
Sorry if some guy wanted to propose such a project in the GSOC.

My source code should be available this week probably. I just want to 
improve some details first, and I will publish it on the plugin website 
of Wordpress under GPL (GPL 3 probably). For now, it just publishes a 
post to a xmpp node when you publish it on your blog (and I am also 
currently adding the publication to a node for comments).

But the only remaining (but BIG) issue is that... I just discovered that 
no client has a real support for pubsub nodes (at least, nor Gajim or 
Psi, the most advanced Jabber client I think)!!! With Psi, you can 
navigate through the nodes, but the "subscribe" command stays always 
greyed. And Gajim can subscribe only to root nodes... :-/
Moreover I could see in the xml console of both client that they well 
receive the notification (so my plugin is working), but nothing happens 
in the roster, nor any message appearing. That's why I was on the Gajim 
conference room, to ask for details of their implementation. :-/

Maybe I will try to add such support on Gajim or Psi?.. Because I am sad 
that my plugin is useless! :p

So see you!
And sorry again for removing a gsoc project (unless you want to have 2 
same plugins, but the mine will be good, I assure you! :p).


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