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jehan jehan at zemarmot.net
Tue Mar 25 05:01:55 CDT 2008


in my own opinion, I don't see notification so different. At the opposite, I 
think IM and notification are related and I far prefer to have all in a 
single program.
Let's imagine a world where XMPP is very extended and used. I would travel a 
lot and then arrive in a Cyber-Café on a public computer. Then I would 
simply login to my Jabber account through a web-based interface (for 
instance, like gmail), or some installed Jabber client on this public 
machine. And with a single login, I would have access to my contacts, my 
adress book, my calendar, my bookmarks (as well web than Jabber bookmarks), 
my notification, etc. Then I travel with my own environment easily. 

Moreover if you had a separate program just for notification, how would the 
server knows which of your IM software or your feed software to notify? I 
think not remember you can precise a specific resource to notify. The server 
simply redirects the notification to one of the connected resources like the 
normal protocol of IM (so if your feed reader is not connected, you will get 
the notification on your IM client as soon as you connect, and then you 
would lose a notification without knowing it?!).
Then the best mean to avoid this case is to have another account dedicated 
to the feeds, but then I think this is really a drawback to "have to" do so. 
And you remove one of the advantages of XMPP (and for my scenario above, 
then you lose all the advantages). 

For me, XMPP is far more than "just" an IM protocol. Or more than "separate 
things" to do in separate programs. I think this is a powerful protocol if 
you can do so many things you can imagine with just a single login. 


[ISO-8859-1] Remko Tron�on writes: 

>>  Apparently Psi does not know what to do when he receives the
>>  message from the pubsub node.
> Yes, it does know what to do with pubsub messages: ignore them, unless
> they publish to a namespace that is known how to display it in the UI
> (tunes, mood, avatar). Adding support for new namespaces easy; knowing
> how to display this namespace, however, is not. Personally, I have
> always thought that reading RSS feeds/blog posts in an IM client is
> like forcing a round peg through a square hole. No matter how much I
> like my IM client, there are much better tools for doing this. But
> many people disagree. 
> This opinion on IM clients aside, I think publishing wordpress blogs
> to pubsub nodes is cool. Maybe someone should create a dedicated XMPP
> client for reading feeds (either web-based or desktop), or add XMPP
> support to a good existing RSS reader. I don't really know of anything
> better than Google Reader, so it would be very nice to have something
> like that in a free version doing XMPP pubsub. A GSOC plugin could
> look into the different aspects of reading and publishing (atom) feeds
> in general would be worthwile i think. 
> cheers,
> Remko

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