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Pedro Melo melo at co.sapo.pt
Tue Mar 25 05:12:18 CDT 2008

On Mar 25, 2008, at 8:26 AM, Remko Tronçon wrote:
>>  Apparently Psi does not know what to do when he receives the
>>  message from the pubsub node.
> Yes, it does know what to do with pubsub messages: ignore them, unless
> they publish to a namespace that is known how to display it in the UI
> (tunes, mood, avatar). Adding support for new namespaces easy; knowing
> how to display this namespace, however, is not. Personally, I have
> always thought that reading RSS feeds/blog posts in an IM client is
> like forcing a round peg through a square hole. No matter how much I
> like my IM client, there are much better tools for doing this. But
> many people disagree.

I agree with you that reading feeds/blog posts have clearly better  
tools, but that's not the only use case for Atom-over-pubsub.

I see Atom as a better medium than plain messages to transport  
notifications in general. A good example would be Nagios notifications.

Besides, if everybody starts publishing blog updates to a pubsub  
node, maybe we can stop this non-sense of pooling feeds once and for  

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