[jdev] Wordpress plugin

Remko Tronçon remko at el-tramo.be
Tue Mar 25 06:38:30 CDT 2008

>  Ok for this, but currently do clients tell what are their features? I
>  thought it was only the server which does it. And so the idea would be that
>  when a client connects, it tells to the server "I can do this and this",

xep-0115 is what you are looking for, and does exactly that.

>  said. XMPP has a specificity compared to what you suggest: it is a push
>  system! This is something which gives the pubsub system for notification
>  (for blog, website news, and so on) several very great advantages:

Again, I'm not contesting how useful XMPP/PubSub is for feeds, as
opposed to the pull that is currently used. I'm just questioning
putting the task of reading feeds in the same program as the one you
use to do IM. Apart from the fact that both consist of titles/bodies,
and can be carried accross XMPP, these are 2 completely different
tasks, and require completely different user interfaces for different
types of management (optionally tied together in one encompassing UI,
like a webpage or an MDI).

By the way, the most important disadvantage of push is probably
privacy: with push, you have to provide your contact address in order
to get notifications, which can be passed on, and depends on the
server to unsubscribe you from it. I wouldn't want to give my jid to
all the RSS feed sites I'm subscribed to. And personally, I think
privacy is a lot more worth than bandwidth.


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