[jdev] Wordpress plugin

Remko Tronçon remko at el-tramo.be
Tue Mar 25 07:40:44 CDT 2008

>  And even if it is a spam server which will keep your jid, he won't be able to send
>  you notifications) without disturbing you.
>  What do you think of this?

Well, you're trying to fight pubsub spim, but that's only a very small
part of the picture. Once your jid is out in the open, it can be used
through any channel over XMPP (normal messages, ...). There are
efforts to fight spim in general, so I don't think taclking this very
specific case is very useful.

The fact remains that it is still better to avoid spim than fight it,
and there's no real way to avoid it with a push system. The best you
can do AFAICT is to do things like introduce a third-party (e.g. your
own trusted server) to manage your subscriptions, and let it relay
everything, but that would just be moving the problem.


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