[jdev] Wordpress plugin

Remko Tronçon remko at el-tramo.be
Tue Mar 25 15:17:49 CDT 2008

>  I use my IM client to receive feeds via Mimir. But maybe I'm weird. :)

You just get so many messages a day that a few 100 more is neglectible
with respect to the rest ;-) That, or you don't really read that many
RSS feeds.

I get about 600 messages a day, i couldn't imagine the horror of
getting them all in a linear list of jabber messages from one contact.
Moreover, I would constantly have my 'new message' icon blinking all
day, so I would start ignoring the icon, and important *real* IM
traffic wouldn't reach me in real time.

But anyway, enough ranting. I could see blog posts (etc.) getting
inside an IM client, if they would be tied to a contact (i.e. if they
are published via PEP). The difference with the other PEP stuff coming
into clients today is that, for the blog case, you probably want to be
able to turn off auto-subscription for a certain number of contacts
(as opposed to e.g. tune information, where it doesn't really matter,
as it doesn't interrupt you). You would also want a flat, linear
history of all contacts together, filtered on certain types of events,
such that you can get something like he home pages from plaxo or
facebook. But this is all quite some work, especially if you want to
do this right.


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