[jdev] Python/XMPP GSoC proposal

Sylvain Hellegouarch sh at defuze.org
Wed Mar 26 08:07:14 CDT 2008

> There's been a fair bit of discussion in the last couple of
> days on the Python SoC mailing list about how useful it would
> be to have an XMPP server in Python [1].  David Janes has
> proposed the project here as well; I know that Google doesn't
> allow multi-student projects, so I'm wondering if there's a
> logical way to divide the work into two independent chunks?
> Thanks,
> Greg

Hi Greg,

That's one thing I'm trying to do using Kamaelia and therefore is part of
the Kamaelia's ideas page for GSoC this year.

That being said, a XMPP server is really meaningless if you don't define
how much of XMPP you'd like to support. For a student project, I guess
XMPP-core, XMPP-IM [3] server side would already be a solid project. More
might hurt the success of the project.

- Sylvain

[1] http://kamaelia.sourceforge.net/Home
[2] http://trac.defuze.org/browser/oss/headstock
[3] http://www.xmpp.org/rfcs/

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