[jdev] GSoC: Jingle hack

Magnus Henoch mange at freemail.hu
Wed Mar 26 14:44:31 CDT 2008

"Massimiliano Mirra" <iolgzc102 at sneakemail.com> writes:

> Today, I'm wondering whether a simple, specialized process to which
> the main client forwards Jingle-related XMPP stanzas to, using a local
> TCP connection, is the easiest/most portable way to do it.
> Essentially like jinglepipe but over a socket.

Certainly most portable (modulo how the client and the component find
eachother).  I have been trying to avoid having an XML parser in my C
code, since C plus XML doesn't sound very fun.

On the other hand, extending XEP-0114 (Jabber Component Protocol) to
cover client plugins might be interesting ☺

JID: legoscia at jabber.cd.chalmers.se

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