[jdev] Python/XMPP GSoC proposal

Tomasz Sterna tomek at xiaoka.com
Sun Mar 30 05:10:09 CDT 2008

Dnia 2008-03-29, sob o godzinie 23:41 +0000, Pedro Melo pisze:
> >> This would allow anyone to write a component in any language they
> >> want, and the make it available in the XMPP network without having
> >> to run a full server.
> > Both jabberd 1.x and jabberd 2.x with onlu router + s2s modules
> loaded
> > works for me in this role for years now...
> Cool. Is there a example configuration somewhere or its just a
> matter  
> of commenting the session manager parts?

Well... Is there a need for an example? It seems obvious to me. ;-)

In case of jabberd 1.x you load only dnsrv and dialback modules (comment
rest of the <service/> sections out).
In case of jabberd 2.x you launch only router and s2s components.

This kind of setup allows me to run MUC + transports machine separated
from main jabberd machine.
Failing transports do not interfere with the main Jabber account

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