[jdev] Presence of type "available" not allowed?

David Ammouial da-jdev at weeno.net
Sat May 3 13:25:12 CDT 2008


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Excuse me if this was already discussed.

According to RFC 3921, section 2.2.1, it is not allowed to send presence
stanzas with a type="available" attribute. Such a value, however, seems to
be widely used in effective code and in documentation, including on
documentation referenced or hosted at xmpp.org.

I see several possible responses to this fact:

1. Modify existing documentation and implementations to a more strict
behavior that would treat values not mentionned in RFC 3921 as illegal.
2. Add 'available' as a legal type for presence stanzas in future
replacements of RFC 3921.
3. Ignore this difference, and go on tolerating and documenting this value
as a possible one.

Though I'm suspecting response 3 to be chosen in fact, I think we should
avoid html-like behavior regarding respect to standards in code
implementations, and even more in normative documentation.

What do you think?
David Ammouial

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