[jdev] Real world uses of a Resource Name in a JID

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Wed May 14 09:22:35 CDT 2008

What would you quote as a real world use of the resource name that
appears in the JID..?

Lets say, as an example, 
>From one machine, I login as : hostname1 at domain1/Resource1.
Simultaneously I login in another machine as
hostname1 at domain1/Resource2.

The 2 JIDs differ only by the Resource names..

What is special about the resource names that we cannot accomplish just
by having a unique bare jid for both users (instead of the users/clients
differing only by resource name)

It would be great if someone can give a 'real' example where the
resource names are useful compared to unique bare jids....


To quote RFC 3920:
"A resource identifier may modify either a <node at domain> or a mere
<domain> address. It usually represents a specific session"

"Multiple resources (e.g., devices or locations) MAY connect
simultaneously to a server on behalf of each authorized client"

"After SASL negotiationUse of SASL with the receiving entity, the
initiating entity MAY want or need to bind a specific resource to that


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