[jdev] Facebook XMPP

Sylvain Hellegouarch sh at defuze.org
Thu May 15 01:07:22 CDT 2008

Remko Tronçon a écrit :
>> And a diggable story of mine: http://coccinella.im/never-support-walled-gardens
> Laughing at people and pointing fingers is always easy (especially
> afterwards), but it doesn't help anybody. Why not post or do something
> constructing instead.

I'm not sure there is much technical content for this list yet though 
since, unless I'm mistaken, Facebook has not divulged how they will be 
using XMPP. Will they solely be using IM capabilities like Google does 
with Google Talk or will they go the real step further by using PubSub 
and other extensions, maybe adding P2P capabilities or even 
microblogging support. I hope they do.

To come back at Sander's point, I don't think we can blame client's 
developers indeed but rather we should wonder why Facebook has dropped 
their own technology like that? Letting people who had spent so long on 
that closed technology is not a really positive sign I believe and I 
hope Facebook will communicate enough on their support of XMPP. Will 
they open their servers for instance and be part of an open federation?

> Just my 2 cents,
> Remko
> PS: it feels like the jabber mailing lists have become a forum for
> posting links to blogs lately, instead of having actual content.
> Strange phenomenon. Maybe i'll blog about it.

Links can trigger nice discussions, either on this list or off list. 
That happens all the time. That being said this particular thread 
started from... a link. What matters to me is that people talk about 
XMPP and giving the feeling that to discuss the protocol you have to 
post long thoughtful threads on a mailing-list doesn't show a very open 
mindset I think. In any case I will be looking for your blog post for sure.

- Sylvain

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