[jdev] Real world uses of a Resource Name in a JID

Andreas Monitzer jdev at monitzer.com
Thu May 15 03:01:40 CDT 2008

On May 14, 2008, at 16:22, JabberForum wrote:
> What would you quote as a real world use of the resource name that
> appears in the JID..?
> Lets say, as an example,
> From one machine, I login as : hostname1 at domain1/Resource1.
> Simultaneously I login in another machine as
> hostname1 at domain1/Resource2.
> The 2 JIDs differ only by the Resource names..
> What is special about the resource names that we cannot accomplish  
> just
> by having a unique bare jid for both users (instead of the users/ 
> clients
> differing only by resource name)

Well, this XEP requires two clients connected via the same bare JID:

It's used as an authentication mechanism to make sure that it's  
actually the same person. The Adium plugin I recently published is  
also using that idea:


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