[jdev] Facebook XMPP

Dave Cridland dave at cridland.net
Thu May 15 05:08:32 CDT 2008

On Thu May 15 09:32:12 2008, Richard Dobson wrote:
>> That's what I'm afraid of as well. Probably that they will also  
>> create
>> their own extensions like Google does. That's always a risk with  
>> companies
>> that claim using open standards... well to a certain extent.
> Just have to see what happens, although I highly doubt they are  
> going to create a whole load of their own custom extensions without  
> going through the XSF as that would be pretty pointless as you  
> wouldnt be able to use those features in all the current clients,  
> and I doubt they are going to create their own as one of the stated  
> objectives seems to be that you can use the XMPP client of your  
> choice.

Facebook may well believe that clients will simply implement their  
extensions. After all, clients implemented Facebook connectivity  
before, and plenty of people implement Google's proprietary  
extensions, too, so it's a remarkably safe bet.

I'm not sure I really mind that, either - or wouldn't at least if  
there were a reasonable chance that Google, Facebook, etc would  
converge on a single standard for these things, and use the XSF and  
XMPP community as well as just the protocol. It's this that I sadly  

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