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Jonathan Dickinson jonathanD at k2.com
Thu May 15 10:27:27 CDT 2008

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> 2008/5/15 Nick Vidal <nick at inf.ufrgs.br>:
> > Sanders: you do support users who use AIM and MSN, since you *waste
> your
> > time* making sure coccinella works with transports. And you do
> support users
> > of Microsoft Windows, since you *wast your time* making sure
> coccinella
> > works in Windows. And this is a good thing! Thank you! :)
> My reply is here as already said before:
> http://coccinella.im/whytransportsmatter
[Jonathan Dickinson]

For one Sander, I really appreciate your efforts. Most people don't realise the problems with 'lock-ins'. For example my entire company uses MSN, despite my VERY BEST efforts to encourage Jabber.

Firstly, I can be one person of an eventual 6 billion people using Jabber because of these facilities (not having an MSN transport would mean me having to abandon Jabber).

As for Windows, well we are purely MS/.Net based: so no chance of migrating there. The thing that makes some FOSS enthusiasts naïve is the fact that they don't realise that some people just can't make the transition tomorrow. I, for one, know Linux is better: I just can't do it.

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> Mvg, Sander Devrieze.

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