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Sander Devrieze s.devrieze at pandora.be
Thu May 15 17:33:59 CDT 2008

2008/5/15 JabberForum <list-jdev at jabberforum.org>:
> I aggree. I don't really see a point in having an open letter. They know
> of our existence, and they'll contact us soon enough.

An open letter maybe can be useful if it is done as some kind of press
release. First contact several potential walled garden owners and get
them to support the open letter by switching to XMPP. Then list them
in this letter or let them publish this letter or something like that.

Overview of the battle field, in order of how easy it will be to get
them to use XMPP (I may be wrong here):
1) Walled garden networks of social networks and things like
that<--They will be the easiest to convert to XMPP as their market
share is too small and they need to start from zero regarding clients.
XMPP also seems to have the right features for them.
2) Yahoo<--There market share is the smallest of the big walled garden
networks and I guess it is diminishing. Also, in order to get some
more protection against a hostile takeover of Microsoft, they may want
to adopt XMPP. As Micosoft really wants to get more important on the
Internet, this argument is also true for social networks that want to
protect themselves (cfr. Facebook)
3) AIM/ICQ<--I believe AOL's market share is also diminishing, but
it's still big and they don't have to fair a hostile takeover bid I
guess. It will be harder to get them converted. A good reason for them
to adopt XMPP early would be that they still have a big market share.
If they don't wait to long with switching, they will be able to
control the direction of XMPP more easily than if they wait until they
are forced to switch.
4) MSN<--This will be the hardest. I guess it may be XMPP versus MSN
for a relative long time. Microsoft integrated MSN in all its software
and services. The best way is probably to focus on giving the whole
XMPP world a stronger position in companies; if enough companies ask
XMPP support in Microsoft's products, Microsoft will be forced to add
it, but it will not be easy.

Mvg, Sander Devrieze.

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