[jdev] Message Routing

Remko Tronçon remko at el-tramo.be
Mon May 19 04:00:06 CDT 2008

> joe at server.com/mobile (0)
> joe at server.com/pc (1)
> joe at server.com/allfail (0)
> Thus now he has identical resources in case a message is sent to his mobile,
> and it needs urgent action (but he isn't online). Can't messages be routed
> to all resources with identical priorities?

Hmm, now that I re-read your post, I think there's a misunderstanding.
The numbers are resource priorities, not resource id. If you send
something to /mobile, it will go to mobile (allfail has nothing to do
with mobile). If you send it to the bare jid, it will go to pc since
it has the highest priority. If you send it to the bare jid, and you
wouldn't have the 'pc' resource, then it would be server-defined which
resource gets it (might be mobile, might be allfail, might be both).


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