[jdev] Message Routing

Jonathan Dickinson jonathanD at k2.com
Mon May 19 05:16:40 CDT 2008

Sweet, thanks guys.

One more question to make everything *crystal* clear. If the resource isn't online/present (remember, some people might have joe at server.com/mobile in their contact list) and a message to that must be routed where? Defer it until the resource becomes available or route it to the highest present priority? It seems like the first to me, but I just want to be 100% correct.

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> > joe at server.com/mobile (0)
> > joe at server.com/pc (1)
> > joe at server.com/allfail (0)
> > Thus now he has identical resources in case a message is sent to his
> mobile,
> > and it needs urgent action (but he isn't online). Can't messages be
> routed
> > to all resources with identical priorities?
> Hmm, now that I re-read your post, I think there's a misunderstanding.
> The numbers are resource priorities, not resource id. If you send
> something to /mobile, it will go to mobile (allfail has nothing to do
> with mobile). If you send it to the bare jid, it will go to pc since
> it has the highest priority. If you send it to the bare jid, and you
> wouldn't have the 'pc' resource, then it would be server-defined which
> resource gets it (might be mobile, might be allfail, might be both).
> Remko

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