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Since July 2006, the XMPP Standards Foundation has held a biannual
get-together for developers, service operators, and other technical
folks who are actively working on XMPP. We're happy to announce that the
XSF will continue the tradition by holding its fifth XMPP Summit on July
21 and 22, 2008, in Portland, Oregon, USA. Thanks to generous assistance
from O'Reilly Conferences, the Summit will take place the same week and
in the same location as OSCON 2008.

Participation is open (and free!) to all developers, service operators,
and other interested individuals. Please note that this is a hard-code
technical get-together with plenty of coding sprints, hackfests, interop
testing, brainstorming sessions, geeky lightning talks, etc. This
meeting is not intended for marketing presentations and other fluff!

If you would like to participate, please join the summit at xmpp.org
mailing list and introduce yourself:


See you in Portland!


Peter Saint-Andre


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