[jdev] Something funny with Coccinella

Jonathan Dickinson jonathanD at k2.com
Wed May 21 06:42:00 CDT 2008

Hey All,

I am getting a strange problem with Coccinella (doesn't seem to happen with Coversant Communicator).

I am getting the following in the /chat/ window:

[14:32] <Adriaan>   probe
[14:32] <Adriaan>   Available

I am sending the following XML to it:
<presence from="adriaan at jonathand.k2workflow.com/8c94a1f8386240bf8cfaadf3897dd738" to="jonathand at jonathand.k2workflow.com" type="probe" />

And the response from Coversant Communicator (after I probe it) to Coccinella:
<presence from="adriaan at jonathand.k2workflow.com/8c94a1f8386240bf8cfaadf3897dd738
" to="jonathand at jonathand.k2workflow.com" />

Does that look wrong to anybody?

Understandably, Coccinella never responds with the presence (after a probe), so Adriaan shows as present in Coccinella but in the other client (which responds to the probe) Jonathand doesn't show as present.

Any ideas?

Thanks guys...
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