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Fri May 23 09:14:58 CDT 2008

Peter Saint-Andre;506 Wrote: 
> On 05/23/2008 3:16 AM, Cyprian wrote:
> > there is no link at the bottom of this email. Could you send me this
> link?
> Somehow I've always thought that people who are smart enough to write
> code are smart enough to figure out how to unsubscribe from a list
> they've subscribed to in the first place. That assumption may not be
> valid, so I'll add back the per-message footers (which BTW prevent a
> message from being properly signed with digital signatures, oh well).

Eheheh... In a way, that's for sure. In another way:

- write code does not require to be smart. You can be completely stupid
and write code which works well enough. This is for me a wrong
assumption, but very common to this society, than thinking that
technical/scientific jobs (this means mainly "engineers") mean

- When you don't use a lot mailing lists (which is my case), you don't
know necessarily by heart the typical "commands" for the mailing lists
bots. For my own, as I said, I always go back to the xmpp.org website,
then follow the sidebar menu's links (Discuss, etc.), to arrive to the
html interface for managing one's subscription (note while we are on the
subject that his "Discuss" page is not really up to date, some of the
new mailing lists are missing, like the "social" one, and I always have
to modify by hands urls of other lists' links in order to access the
management and archives pages).

But yes in other ways, the people (and they are many) who write to
everybody in the list are not the most resourceful because they could
have searched a little without disturbing everybody and creating such
discussion. But I don't think they should be blamed for this.


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