[jdev] A new Jabber component : Random chat

Grégoire Menuel gregoire.menuel at gmail.com
Sat May 24 13:45:37 CDT 2008

Hi folks !

With a friend we have developped a new jabber component : Randomchat.

Its principle is fairly simple, it allows one person to discuss with other 
persons at random. Once a user is registered it can initiate a random chat, 
the component will then invite this user and another in an anonymous 

This component is currently running at jabberfr 
(xmpp:randomchat.jabberfr.org), and the source code is available on the 
project page : http://randomchat.codingteam.net

Technically, the component is developped in Python, and uses the xmpp.py 

More details can be found on my blog : 
and on the jabberfr instance page : 

I await your comments, remarks, ...

Grégoire Menuel
xmpp:omega at im.apinc.org
GPG: 1024D/D3BF3B20

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