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Peter Saint-Andre stpeter at stpeter.im
Tue May 27 16:49:02 CDT 2008

On 05/26/2008 6:36 AM, JabberForum wrote:
> Kelly S;562 Wrote: 
>> I don't really need the node tree to reflect the url sub directory
>> structure if thats what your mentioning in the
>> "/subdomain.domain/some/path/feed/" path.
>> I've created a root node with the id of "feeds" and inside here is
>> really where I just want to populate a whole ton of feeds. However I
>> need to relate their web url somehow when trying to fetch these feeds
>> because the "service" which is going to download & publish is going to
>> need to know where to publish to.
>> I have been looking at some APIs of PubSub managers etc and many take
>> node id as a string and I wonder if I put a url in there with "/" its
>> going to think that is a sub node tree structure when all I really need
>> is the following (I think?):
>> /feeds/someurl/entries*
>> I hope this makes sense. I'm not sure how else to describe it.
> Yes this makes sense. I had a fast look at the XEP. I don't see
> anything which tell which characters are allowed in an item id. 

"If a pubsub node is addressable as a JID plus node, the pubsub service
SHOULD ensure that the NodeID conforms to the Resourceprep profile of
Stringprep as described in RFC 3920."

So basically you can include just about any character in a NodeID.

BTW, NodeIDs do not have semantic meaning (they are opaque as far as the
spec is concerned), but if a given deployment wants to attribute meaning
to "/" as a hierarchical separator (or whatever) then that's their business.

And remember that not everything needs to be defined at the level of
XEP-0060. You can define your own semantics on top of that in your own
application, without requiring any modifications to XEP-0060 itself. Or
so we hope. ;-)


Peter Saint-Andre

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