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It is interesting to send SMS from Jabber clients like gmail client,
google talk IM client or PSI etc. Following is the address of a good SMS


What is it and How to Start?

A. This service makes it possible to send SMS from your Google Talk IM
client, Gmail client or other Jabber IM client like Psi etc.
B. It is assumed that you already have your Google Talk id (example,
test at gmail.com) or other Jabber ID(eg. test at jabber.org).
C. Now, Register an account on this website by using your google talk
ID or jabber ID as the username, but choose a different password, you
will get some free credit for sending SMS.
D. From your google talk IM client or other jabber client, adding your
friend's mobile number as new contact/buddy (see following example).
E. Example, if your friend's mobile is +12345678900, you should add
12345678900 at sms.messagingbay.com as your new contact.
F. Send message to the newly added contact from your IM client, your
friend will get the message as normal SMS.
G. When SMS is sent, your credit balance will be returned. When SMS is
delivered to your friend's mobile phnoe, you will see the delivery
report on your IM client.
H. If you want to display your own mobile number to the recipients,
please email your mobile number and your account name to
support at messagingbay.com so that we can setup for you.
I. If you are advanced user, you will find that "Service Discovery" is
supported. Do service discovery on messagingbay.com and see what is
J. For supporting, please email to support at messagingbay.com.


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