[jdev] Talk To Jabber Server Using Sockets

ashiraz ashiraz.3inald at no-mx.jabberforum.org
Sun Nov 9 23:49:14 CST 2008

Justin Karneges;4888 Wrote: 
> On Sunday 09 November 2008 20:44:46 ashiraz wrote:
> > Has anyone talked to a jabber server using socket programming?
> Of course.  How do you think libstrophe works? :)

Sir you know quite well that  I have wasted a great deal of my precious
time on libstrophe to no avail. it does not compile with / without
scons. even scons does not install properly.

Justin Karneges;4888 Wrote: 
> > I just need to connect a server and send one phrase to one of the
> > account holders.
> >
> > How difficult is doing something straightfoward like that?
> Not incredibly difficult, given the huge number of Jabber
> implementations out 
> there.  However, doing so is certainly harder than using an existing
> library.
> If the 'cl' command isn't working from within the Visual Studio Command
> Prompt, then there may be something wrong with your compiler
> installation.  I 
> suggest taking that issue to a different forum.
> -Justin

Unlike the world of unix/ linux if one clicks on an installer in
windows everything works. My other programs in c/c++ work, my embedded
projects work. I do not have to write assembly and install fifteen
disparate libraries and learn another 15 different "construction tools"
just to get something simple to work. 

I am thinking of writing a quick xmpp client myself ...

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