[jdev] Mixing Attribute Namespaces

Richard Smith richard at indigo3.net
Wed Jan 14 03:20:11 CST 2009


I've been having a think over the past few days and have been wondering if
applying namespaces on an attribute level is valid within XMPP, and if there
are any guidelines as to attribute specifications used.

What I'm pondering is while the following is valid XML, is it valid under XMPP?

 magicNS:attr1="..." >...

>From what I understand in RFC3920 this would be ok, however mildly confusing

Am I right in thinking that while this is valid, it's generally not good for
client understanding? Not that I care much in this context anyway since I'm
using XMPP as a transport protocol for something non-IM based, but it's
always good to know :)


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