[jdev] GSSAPI and service hostname

Robin Redeker elmex at x-paste.de
Thu Jan 15 10:21:57 CST 2009


I've received a bugreport for my Perl module AnyEvent::XMPP recently,
that says that I should not pass the domain of the JID as service hostname
to SASL (and later the GSSAPI mechanism).

Then I've been trying to figure out how the JID is mapped to the service
hostname of the XMPP server for GSSAPI authentication, bringing me to the
conclusion that the RFC 3920 (bis) doesn't say much about the _hostname_
of the service.

So here my question to the broad mass of developers: How should I determine
the hostname of the service I'm authenticating with?

I also wonder which server supports GSSAPI mechanims, so that I can
test implementation.


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