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> On 5/22/09 6:39 AM, Bernhard zwischenbrugger wrote:
> > Hi All
> >
> > I try to make a webchat with OpenID Login.
> >
> > OpenID is not difficult.
> > Using https://rpxnow.com/ for example makes it very simple.
> > Also a Jabber Login using "Strophe" or and other BOSH Lib is simple.
> > No Problem with that
> >
> > But combining this 2 things is not easy at all.
> >

So what you need is some kind of SSO (Single Sign On) solution. Using OpenID from a thick Jabber client would probably be *very* difficult (because it's intimately tied to the browser). It may be possible from your side of things, however.

I haven't had the time to grep OpenID yet - but this<http://www.windley.com/archives/2006/04/how_does_openid.shtml> came in pretty useful. You will need to appropriate an OpenID implementation. This is a hashed out version of what would need to happen - so you WILL need to make changes to ensure security (esp against replay).

You will need something like the following in the database:

OpenIDLogins - IdentityUrl (nvarchar), Token (nvarchar), JabberID (nvarchar), Success (bool)

So when you hit step 5 in the above document you will need to add that login to the table. At this point you would probably set up IdentityUrl, Token and JabberID. Success would be false.

I assume the JabberID would be published in the OpenID document. I don't have the time to go through the OpenID spec right now but I assume it would look something like:


 <jabberId xmlns="urn:xmpp:tmp:openId">jack at myoidserver.com</jabberId>
 <!-- Further OID fields -->


@PSA - maybe someone should hash out a XEP, if appropriate?

Once the OpenID server directs the user back to your site with a successful login you would then update the Success field to true. You would need to communicate the token to the client in a cookie or hidden field - obviously you would need to protect it somehow (SSL).

The client could then use that token in a custom SASL mechanism (may I suggest OID-TOKEN). Which would simply:

C: [IdentityUrl]+[Token]
S: Success/Failure

The user is now authenticated.

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