[jdev] [ANN] exmpp - Erlang XMPP library

Pablo Polvorin pablo.polvorin at process-one.net
Tue Jun 16 16:09:47 CDT 2009


We are pleased to announce the first release of exmpp.

exmpp is a XMPP library written in Erlang. It helps the development of
XMPP entities by providing functions to build and interpret XML
stanzas. Once compiled, check the generated HTML documentation.

exmpp is released under the Erlang Public License.
This is the same license used by Erlang/OTP itself.
exmpp requires Erlang/OTP R12B or higher because it uses new
features introduced in that version.

exmpp 0.9.1 is considered a beta release, please test it and comment.
There can be API changes before reaching 1.0.0.

exmpp was initially based in XML/XMPP parts of ejabberd,
and then was completely rewritten from scratch focusing on efficiency.
We are now updating ejabberd to use this new library,
this effort is currently still in early alpha state.

By the way, if you remember a project called Jabberlang, notice
that it is now superseded by exmpp.

exmpp home page:

Download exmpp 0.9.1 source code package from:

You can also check the ProcessOne Labs page:

Pablo Polvorin

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