[jdev] Seeing users' genders: implementation opinions?

spike411 spike411.3ufaun at no-mx.jabberforum.org
Fri Jun 26 23:57:53 CDT 2009

gperrot;9686 Wrote: 
> In buddymob.com, we guess the gender by using the prefix name in the
> vCard:
> Mr. is mapped to male whereas Ms. is mapped to female.
> Our android client use this guessing for editing and viewing vCards.
> We also modified the ejabberd module to allow to search for a
> particular gender.
> Jabber.fr use a non standard field: <gender>, and they also modified
> the ejabberd's user search.

Well, I *think* that the vCard RFC allows extending, so you
could/should use X-GENDER element. I think it is implemented this way in
some software, you can search the Web for examples.


3.8 Extended Types

The types defined by this document can be extended with private
using the non-standard, private values mechanism defined in [RFC
2045]. Non-standard, private types with a name starting with "X-"
be defined bilaterally between two cooperating agents without
registration or standardization.

x-name       = "X-" 1*(ALPHA / DIGIT / "-")
; Reserved for non-standard use


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