[jdev] Mixing Attribute Namespaces

Brett Zamir brettz9 at yahoo.com
Tue Mar 3 22:26:13 CST 2009

On 3/4/2009 12:06 PM, Peter Saint-Andre wrote:
> On 1/14/09 2:20 AM, Richard Smith wrote:
>> Hello,
>> I've been having a think over the past few days and have been wondering if
>> applying namespaces on an attribute level is valid within XMPP, and if there
>> are any guidelines as to attribute specifications used.
>> What I'm pondering is while the following is valid XML, is it valid under XMPP?
>> <message
>>   to="..."
>>   from="..."
>>   xmlns:magicNS="urn:blah:etc"
>>   magicNS:attr1="...">...
>>  From what I understand in RFC3920 this would be ok, however mildly confusing
>> etc.
>> Am I right in thinking that while this is valid, it's generally not good for
>> client understanding? Not that I care much in this context anyway since I'm
>> using XMPP as a transport protocol for something non-IM based, but it's
>> always good to know :)
> We prefer not to do things that way in XMPP, and if you expect that to
> work you might be surprised because some implementations out there on
> the network would not be happy to receive such XML. :)
Namespaced attributes are, imo, just too tempting to avoid using. 
Although it may go against the spirit of full present-day 
interoperability, I think implementations not supporting real 
namespacing are going against the spirit of XML--which is of course the 
/extensible /markup language--and should be the ones forced to adapt.


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