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Peter Saint-Andre stpeter at stpeter.im
Tue Mar 10 21:25:02 CDT 2009

On 3/10/09 5:24 PM, Peter Saint-Andre wrote:

>    1. A clean and simple website with minimal text that will help end
> users get started with Jabber.
>    2. Web chat for a real-time window into one end-user chatroom and one
> developer chatroom (and perhaps one additional room, such as a
> language-specific or country-specific room).
>    3. Internationalized versions of everything so that volunteers around
> the world can run sites like de.jabber.org (Germany) and pt.jabber.org
> (Portugal).
>    4. Extension of this international model to XMPP services, so that we
> can run SOCKS5 data proxies for file transfer and TURN media relays for
> voice+video all over the world (we'll need to convince companies and
> ISPs and non-profit organizations that this is in their interest, since
> they are the people with the bandwidth).

To make this happen, I think we need the following:

1. Strong user/admin/developer communities throughout the world so that
we have a strong base of volunteers to help out.

2. One or more easy-to-deploy IM + media relay (+web?) server packages
so that volunteers around the world can quickly deploy services in their

3. Easy-to-use clients that support the full range of features we'll be
deploying (perhaps different profiles such as IM and IM+media).

4. Good integration between the IM, media, and website services so that
we have easy web-based user registration, straightforward discovery of
media relays, web interfaces to chatrooms, etc.

5. A compelling story that will encourage companies and non-profit
organizations to deploy services.

6. Simple templates for internationalized / localized websites, clients,

7. Effective management of the DNS aspects because if all does well we
will have a lot of subdomains to manage.

8. Perhaps centralized registration at jabber.org, which you can then
use to connect to any local xmpp service (pt.jabber.org or whatever).

9. Collaboration with other global-but-localized services such as Fon.

10. Keep everything as local as possible.


Peter Saint-Andre

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