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On Wed, Mar 11, 2009 at 12:24 AM, Peter Saint-Andre <stpeter at stpeter.im> wrote:
> As posted at my blog....


I agree with most of the points, except:

>   3. Internationalized versions of everything so that volunteers around
> the world can run sites like de.jabber.org (Germany) and pt.jabber.org
> (Portugal).

We already have strong local communities worldwide that do an amazing job :

Again, watch closer the french example, the one I know the most, we got:
* website: http://www.jabberfr.org/
* wiki: http://wiki.jabberfr.org/
* forum: http://forum.jabberfr.org/
* MUC server: xmpp:chat.jabberfr.org
* web MUC: http://chat.jabberfr.org/
* blog: http://news.jabberfr.org/
* blog agregator: http://planet.jabberfr.org/
* directory: xmpp:users.jabberfr.org http://annuaire.jabberfr.org/
* randomchat: http://randomchat.jabberfr.org/
* notification bot: xmpp:jabberfr at im.apinc.org
* cooperation between french services: http://wiki.jabberfr.org/Coop%C3%A9ration
* web presence: xmpp:presence.jabberfr.org
* proxy: proxy.jabberfr.org
* transports...

Plus small initiatives, plus what we do IRL...

But that's not enough, we need more, like PubSub applications (like
microblogging), real-time agregator (like Mimir), maybe games,
collaboration tools, etc.

In short, we demo every day, in real-time, a portion of the power of
XMPP technologies.

IMHO, I don't thing jabber.org should drive/lead/take over already
existing local communities, a great deal of job is already done, and
we don't need to dilute the effort.

IMHO, I think jabber.org should first look at what's done worldwide
(especially the spanish, czech, and russian powerful examples). You
can use (should?) online translation tools so that you can browse the

However IMHO I think jabber.org should ignite/foster non yet existent
local communities.

But enough speaking, I've contributed this:
Much like we've done on:
This page lists all the Jabber/XMPP features, as people really don't
know half of them, we have to publicise them.

All the pages are just created as empty shells. I have used a
category, and redirects. I'll create a model or category "Draft" or
"TODO", so that we can have a todo-list.

Please review, and feel free to contribute an introductory text on
each page/feature, it is a good basis.

If a feature is missing, please create the page and put
[[Category:Feature]] at the end of the page. If you create a
synonymous page, put #REDIRECT [[Synonymous]] at the top of the page,
and don't forget [[Category:Feature]] at the end of the page (well...
two lines below).

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