[jdev] a vision

Remko Tronçon remko at el-tramo.be
Wed Mar 11 07:53:01 CDT 2009

> True, but the contribution barrier is lower.

If that is true, then we just have to make the contribution barrier
lower. I don't expect the jabber.org site to be as dynamic as
Wikipedia, so I don't expect maintenance effort. And the maintenance
effort that is there should be made as easy as possible.

> Can you explain?

If you register with the jabberfr.org service, you get a Jabber ID
'me at jabberfr.org'. This isn't necessarily a bad thing in itself.
There's just problems that you need to migrate accounts when it turns
out that the jabberfr.org isn't very  well run. There's also the
problem that the user has to pick a server in a list of 100 servers, a
choice *nobody* (not even I) can make when joining the Jabber network.
It could make some arbitrary choice based on the language, but it
could run into bad luck that it's a server badly run, and the net
result is a bad image for Jabber.

All this can be avoided with one central 'jabber.org' service: you
have a core team of people focusing on running an excellent XMPP
service, and another team focusing on keeping the website up, and
another team for the translations. Combined efforts give much better


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