[jdev] a vision

Pedro Melo melo at simplicidade.org
Wed Mar 11 09:24:02 CDT 2009


On Mar 11, 2009, at 2:25 AM, Peter Saint-Andre wrote:

> 1. Strong user/admin/developer communities throughout the world so  
> that
> we have a strong base of volunteers to help out.

This I get.

> 2. One or more easy-to-deploy IM + media relay (+web?) server packages
> so that volunteers around the world can quickly deploy services in  
> their
> localities.

why IM? media, socks,  I get, but a IM server? Isn't the idea that we  
would suggest creating the account at @jabber.org?

Or would @pt.jabber.org IM accounts exist also?

> 3. Easy-to-use clients that support the full range of features we'll  
> be
> deploying (perhaps different profiles such as IM and IM+media).

Agreed, although I don't think that the volunteers could do much here  
except translate the how-to's for each client.

> 4. Good integration between the IM, media, and website services so  
> that
> we have easy web-based user registration, straightforward discovery of
> media relays, web interfaces to chatrooms, etc.

I'm still a bit confused with this one. If we have the IM server @  
jabber.org, isn't all this common? Or something for client developers  
to consider?

> 5. A compelling story that will encourage companies and non-profit
> organizations to deploy services.


> 6. Simple templates for internationalized / localized websites,  
> clients,
> etc.


> 7. Effective management of the DNS aspects because if all does well we
> will have a lot of subdomains to manage.


> 8. Perhaps centralized registration at jabber.org, which you can then
> use to connect to any local xmpp service (pt.jabber.org or whatever).

Yeah, confused again.

> 9. Collaboration with other global-but-localized services such as Fon.

Can't see that far right now.

> 10. Keep everything as local as possible.

Keep local what should be local, I think.

Relays, for example.

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