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Sylvain Hellegouarch sh at defuze.org
Wed Mar 11 09:02:06 CDT 2009

>> Wikipedia (and its syntax), thus a Medawiki-based place is an
>> excellent way to go.
> Wikipedia is the only wiki that works AFAIK, and that is because it
> has a huge amount of review. All other Wikis I have seen and used so
> far have failed, and caused more confusion and misinformation than
> actually give good information.
> When I surf to jabber.org, I want to see a professional looking page
> with 2 things:
> - A 3-line explanation of what jabber is
> - A button with "Join now", which creates me an account on the Jabber
> network by only asking me questions that I know the answer to (Name,
> Email, Preferred login name)
> What I do see is:
> - A website that looks like a perpetual work in progress. Pretty
> scary, doesn't really sound like a good IM service to me.
> - About 50 links, many of which are uninteresting (the sidebar,
> because it's a wiki)
> - "Create account" links that don't create a Jabber account
> - Links to events that have passed, but nobody dares to touch the
> front page, because nobody owns that page
> - Links to things like 'discussion' that give me an error
> - A quickstart guide that tells me to pick a server (a what? why?)
> - A box saying that there have been GMail issues. When was that? This
> morning? Last week? It seems this Jabber thing has lots of issues with
> GMail, because it's been there for quite a while. (Why is it there?
> Exactly, nobody dares to touch it)
> Want me to go on? :)
> Anyway, I'm not going to rant about Wikis anymore, this isn't helping.
> I do believe that Peter's suggestion is a good one: one simple page to
> get people hooked up with Jabber fast, that we can refer people to if
> they want to chat on Jabber. One translator per language would be nice
> to have the site translated, with a good system in place that notifies
> of changes (which shouldn't happen often) to this page.

+1 now that I know who's the target.

On a more personal note, I can only agree with you. I seldom see Wikis
that actually work and to be honest Wikis layout and usability are rather
cumbersome but I digress :)

- Sylvain

Sylvain Hellegouarch

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