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Peter Saint-Andre stpeter at stpeter.im
Wed Mar 11 10:49:34 CDT 2009

On 3/11/09 8:24 AM, Pedro Melo wrote:

>> 2. One or more easy-to-deploy IM + media relay (+web?) server packages
>> so that volunteers around the world can quickly deploy services in  
>> their
>> localities.
> why IM? media, socks,  I get, but a IM server? Isn't the idea that we  
> would suggest creating the account at @jabber.org?

By "IM" I really meant "xmpp" -- that is, there would be an xmpp service
running at pt.jabber.org but it *might* only give you in-band access to
the SOCKS5 proxy, the media relay, and other services.

> Or would @pt.jabber.org IM accounts exist also?

I'm not sure yet -- we're exploring this idea together. :)

On the one hand I think it would be great to scale up the jabber.org
service by giving everyone jabber.org IDs. You might connect to the
physical machine for pt.jabber.org if you're in Portugal, but your ID
would be user at jabber.org.

On the other hand people have local pride so they might *want* an ID
like user at pt.jabber.org (but what if they move from Portugal to Finland
or whatever?).

>> 3. Easy-to-use clients that support the full range of features we'll  
>> be
>> deploying (perhaps different profiles such as IM and IM+media).
> Agreed, although I don't think that the volunteers could do much here  
> except translate the how-to's for each client.

True. But even localized versions of client interfaces and HOWTOs are a
good thing.

>> 4. Good integration between the IM, media, and website services so  
>> that
>> we have easy web-based user registration, straightforward discovery of
>> media relays, web interfaces to chatrooms, etc.
> I'm still a bit confused with this one. If we have the IM server @  
> jabber.org, isn't all this common? Or something for client developers  
> to consider?

I think we all agree on the need for web-based registration.

Web-based chatrooms are also great because they enable you to
participate and learn (e.g., join help at muc.pt.jabber.org and get
assistance in your native language) without downloding a client.

By IM (xmpp) and media integration I meant better discovery of your
local SOCKS5 and TURN relays (in part via XEP-0215), and perhaps other
services like localized chatrooms.

>> 8. Perhaps centralized registration at jabber.org, which you can then
>> use to connect to any local xmpp service (pt.jabber.org or whatever).
> Yeah, confused again.

Your credentials might be registered at jabber.org (we would not
redirect you to pt.jabber.org to register an account) and then you could
use those credentials to log in to the physical machine at pt.jabber.org
(discovered via SRV or Geo-IP). I'm not sure yet.

>> 9. Collaboration with other global-but-localized services such as Fon.
> Can't see that far right now.

Why not relays right on the local FON access point?

>> 10. Keep everything as local as possible.
> Keep local what should be local, I think.
> Relays, for example.

Yes, perhaps that is the way.


Peter Saint-Andre

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