[jdev] a vision

Dirk Meyer dmeyer at tzi.de
Wed Mar 11 13:43:41 CDT 2009

Dave Cridland wrote:
> On Wed Mar 11 18:16:32 2009, Remko Tronçon wrote:
>> As a goal, this doesn't say much to the average user indeed.
>> However, you could swing it in a way that says "Connects/Works
>> with/...  popular services such as Google Talk, Live Journal, ..."
>> Security could indeed also appeal to some (I think people like to
>> hear that what they're doing is 'secure', they don't even need to
>> understand).  Accountability and transparency, that I don't really
>> know why that would be useful.
> Oh. I didn't think this was about useful. I thought this was about  
> convincing Dirk's sister with impressive sounding buzzwords that we  
> can backup with some kind of fact.

Right. It is all about marketing. It would help (not for my sister) if
we easy MSN/AIM/ICQ integration (gateway) in the servers and an EASY way
to provide the credentials. That makes switching painless for everything
except Skype ("You can still talk to your friends").

Take a look at the Skype website: it is presented in German for me (I
giess based on the IP address), a big photo (makes no sense, but it
looks like web 2.0), and a button "download". I guess that is what we
need. The download would be a problem:

1. Do not let the user choose between x clients. Jabber.org should have
   one default client for Windows/MAC users (Linux users are grown up,
   they already know how to choose stuff).

2. The client must have Jingle support incl. Video

3. Userfriendly setup. E.g. a wizzard asking me if I already have an
   account or if one should be created. It has to include a list of XMPP
   servers for the user to choose. The list should be short.

4. The client must be able to auto-update itself. Users do not check for
   new versions, the software has to do that.

World domination is a slow process. :)


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