[jdev] a vision

Remko Tronçon remko at el-tramo.be
Wed Mar 11 13:52:56 CDT 2009

> 1. Do not let the user choose between x clients. Jabber.org should have
>   one default client for Windows/MAC users (Linux users are grown up,
>   they already know how to choose stuff).

+1 on that.

> 2. The client must have Jingle support incl. Video

Sounds reasonable.

> 3. Userfriendly setup. E.g. a wizzard asking me if I already have an
>   account or if one should be created. It has to include a list of XMPP
>   servers for the user to choose. The list should be short.

I think that's already a step too far. A list implies choice, and
nobody can choose a server from a list. Just forward them to the
jabber.org website.

> 4. The client must be able to auto-update itself. Users do not check for
>   new versions, the software has to do that.

Well, those are just details, and you can find many more of those.
Bottom-line: it has to be a user-friendly client, with cool features.


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